Who Is Deborah Mills

At the age of 5, a stranger walked up to me in the woods, told me a message. I went home, to find that the message was revealing a truth that came true just hours later, says Deborah Mills, owner of Moonzies and the branches under the corporation’s umbrella. At this time, she has Moonzies.com, grammee’s greenhouse, grammee’s goodies, deb Ann’s old ways emporium, as well as a thriving doTerra oils and Younique business.

Her father recognized the gifts, taught her the ways of his ancestors, the ways of the naturalists arts, crafts in the Old ways of the ancient Druids, the Native Americans. Following this path over the years, she has developed an online as a clairvoyant intuitive spiritualist , as well as a inhouse based business that has blossomed into a corporation. As well as spiritual advise from an expert reader in Deborah Mills, she has expanded with books, arts, crafts, non-chemical bath and body products, essentials oils, aromatherapy and lessons.

Teaching others about the benefits of healthy abundant lives with the concept of mind, body, spirit in balance, to produce through spiritualism healthy happy abundant lives, she continues to build people right where they are in their own spiritual faith systems. Deborah Mills has been in who’s who business women’s for the last 5 years. She has published 7 books with 3 more to come out end of February. She has won prizes and awards for cake decorating, as well as along with her college education, finished courses in criminal justice, interior design, gourmet cooking, dream analysis and astrology. She intends to live her full life helping others move on their journey to successful fulfilled happy healthy abundant lives.