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Calming, soothing stone, used in many cultures to ease eating disorders.

Pink is a healing color for gentleness, calmness, soothing.

Spearmint another mint for healing, and financial blessings

2 of pentacles , the earth element,of money, of physical needs anddesires.

Judgement is one of wise decision, wise karmic lessons.

Garnet, a hard stone crystalized is one to help heal with romantic physical love.

Red is the color of passion, power, strong energy.

Snake totem is a symbol of passion, sexual love, but also renewal rebirth and love.

Almond oil is good for clarity of mind, healing oxygen to the brain, and love.

Full moon stone - moonstone the ancient of calming stones, intuitiveness.

Talking about Brown which is earthy, centered, good for keeping balanced in problems and obstacles along the way.

Frankincense - an ancient fire element oil which is luxurious, healing, calming in nature "

A stone of healing spiritual issues, giving good dreams, opening the "psychic" in all of us.

Building successful, happy balanced lives.

Using Whale as an animal totem for giving,healing in our lives.

Tower - a major card of shaky foundations, falling lives.

How great thou are - Carl Gustav Boberg wonderful morning - Oklahoma - Rodgersand Hammerstein

Wolves are the healer totem. talking about Wolves as our totem animal

A major card, of balance, moderation, the card of angels, guides around us to keep calmness and balance,in our lives

Red is the color of power jasper is a stone of power, balance, centering,healing.

Green the color of heart chakra, gives healing, money, and emotional connections

Carnelian , stone of courage, confidence, reducing anger

Death a major arcana card and its usage in a tarot spread.

Sage is a sacred herb/oiil. used to keep negativity away.

The Meditation to learn to relax, renew, and restore.

Animal totems are spirit messengers.

B chord is the last of the major chord . it is considered the hardest one.

Bright happy yellow is a color to wear when bringing happiness.

The 12th card in the deck, about Sacrifices on our path.

Major Arcana card showing the higher power is just, not just fair, but just.

Benefits of essential oil cinnamon bark.

How to use color in our day in and day out lives.

About Snowflake obsidian, its properties and uses for healthy, happy, abundant, successful lives.

Just a short talk about what we do and why

Clove, a healing, cleansing, purifying oil is talked about here.

Stones of vibrations of healing love, wisdom, this stone attracts with all the chakras.

The Hierophant is a major arcana card where a person is a mentor of spirit on the path.

Original piano music, of positive power, by Deborah mills, spiritualis.

Azurite - of the 3rd eye & crown chakras, helping open psychic abilities.

Native American and celtic druid teachings of cleansing and clearing with smudge sticks of sage. A natural negativity repellent.

The 5th card is the Emperor, which talks of learning to be centered , balanced on our path.

Inspiring others to know their truths and to be champions, winners, not victims.

Meditation to relaxation, and hear inner messages.

Deborah teaches us how to play the E chord on the guitar.

Learning the next stitch - loop first over hook, then go into front loop, loop again, then pull through.

Instrumental piano music, with mind, body, spirit.

Amber, a crystalized resin stone, deborahmills talks about properties, uses, spiritual connections

Today's lesson we learn about the Empress Tarot Card. It is the 4th card in the Tarot deck.

Original music in the key of G performed by Deborah Mills

An original piano instrumental music to honor the morning.

Crystal quartz is the "master" stone. the Healer, the magnifier, enhancing intuitiveness, and spiritualism

Deborah MIlls shows the basic chord D to help with mind , body, spirit.

The Rider Waite Deck presents the 3rd card in the deck. she is the major arcana card.

You can play the guitar!

Instrumental music - sometimes no words are needed

Lapis Lazuli the truth Stone

A short 3 minute relaxation meditation.

Poses, stance to Meditation

The 2nd card in the Tarot deck - #1 in the path, the Magician is the power, magick, our Higher self card. Helps us on our path toward our dreams.

Deborah continues the Guitar lessons by talking about the G chord.

Crochet is an old craft that helps you relax and find yourself. Once you get the hang of it, crocheting will be like tying your shoes. It really helps you think about your goals. In this video I teach you how to crochet.

We continue our talk about Semi-Precious Stones

The Tarot Cards that I use

Always remember to follow your dreams.

How to choose a guitar with Deborah Mills

Deborah Mills talks about Semi-Precious Stones


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